Reb Bitzalel’s Recipes: Chayey Sarah: Fermented Red Cabbage Sauerkraut

recipe chaya sara red sauekraut

[this is the way I do it, I am not as kitchen sanitary expert, so use common sense]
kosher red cabbage recipe
6 0z kosher salt
about 5 or six bulbs fresh garlick
SHREDDED AND PREWASHED RED CABBBAGE  [ABOUT 2 LBS [does not need hecksher if prewashed. check with your rabbi]
put salt in a gallon jar and disolve it in water
add garlic
stuff jar tight with cabbage
fill to top with warm water
leave sit on counter for 3 or 4 days
[this recipe makes a pretty mild kraut. if you want to jazz  it up put in some hot peppers.]
if using a smaller jar use less salt etc

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