The founder of Chassidism, the Baal Shem Tov, went up to the heavens and asked Moshiach “When will the master come?”. Moshiach answered him “When your wellsprings (the secrets of the chassidic teachings) will spread outward”. Rabbi Yossi Markel and Reb Bitzalel Malamud founded Moshiach Schools in 1987 with this goal in mind. To spread the teachings of Chassidism to the world in an easy to understand way.

With the advent of the internet, they realized the opportunity to reach a world wide audience with these teachings. They began teaching Jewish mysticism, first through email groups and later with the original website. Today,  Bitzalel and Rabbi Markel's son, Rabbi Mendel Markel, continue with the same mission, with the addition of video format and live broadcasts to create a more intimate learning experience. May we soon merit to the coming of the master and the building of the 3rd temple in our most holy city, Jerusalem.

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