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(The way this series is set up is that the translation is in Bold type and the annotations are in Regular type)

Introduction by the Mitteler Rebbe (2nd Chabad Rebbe)

The essential purpose of this book is to explain the concept of G-d's unity as He is unified with every detail of the hishtalshellus of the ten sfiros of ABY"A (- an abbreviation for the four worlds Atzilus , Briyah, Yetzirah, Asiyah (Emanation, Creation, Formation & Action)). It contains an explanation in short of everything that a person can understand with an understanding that is grasped by one's physical brain and heart and not just a spiritual perception of his soul. In other words, it is all explained with physical analogies so that the Natural soul's intellect can understand as well as the G-dly soul. This way one's understanding is internalized so that its effect can find tangible expression.

This is the same book, formerly known as Kuntres HaHisbonenus "A Tract on Contemplation," which many people wished to be printed due to the many errors that had crept into the many handwritten copies. This printing being in answer to their requests, this new addition includes some additional chapters as well as being renamed.

I am quite sure that G-d will accept favorably my good intentions for the benefit of every person who searches for G-d with truth and sincerity and that I will be judged favorably for anything that might be improper in the eyes of the sages, as it is stated "who can discern unintentional sins from unknown transgressions cleanse me etc."

May G-d raise the glory of Israel and enlighten their eyes with the everlasting light, with grace, kindness and mercy, with the life of the soul and the life of the body "and He will carry them and raise them all the days of the world" until the coming of the Redeemer (the Righteous Moshiach), may it be speedily in our days, Amen!

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